Our History

The Historic Anchor Inn is in a category of its own. Through the years it has been a hotel, motor court, and inn, but truly we are simply an eclectic combination of a lot of things. Construction of the hotel began in 1942 and then was put on hold until 1946. It was originally named The Taft Heights Motor Court. This was a time when America was finding its wheels and motor courts were springing up everywhere there was a highway. In the late fifties a swimming pool (the first in Taft), was added and the old girl got a new name at the same time. It was re-named “The Holliday Motel” The graphics on the right are a copy of a map we found featuring advertising for The Holiday Motel.

Thank you for choosing us for your stay on the Oregon Coast. The Historic Anchor Inn was started in the mid-1940s, and is the oldest hotel in Lincoln City. The front lobby displays a picture of the hotel under its original name, “The Taft Heights Motor Court.” The hotel’s name was then changed in the late-1950s to “The Holiday Motel,” and finally became “The Anchor Inn” in the late-1970s. In 1988 the Holiday was purchased by Dave and Georgia Seveny and became the Anchor Motel. The old motel went through several subsequent owners and fell into complete disrepair until it was purchased in 2006 by its current owners, Kip and Katrica Ward.

When it first opened it was quite the place, offering outside cabins with their own garage, kitchenette, and a bathroom, while in the main building two room would share a bathroom, and the economy rooms shared a bathroom among four rooms. While that may not seem all that impressive by today’s standards, one has to remember that just before the war if you wanted to bathe in Lincoln City you had to go to the Green Onion in Nelscott (about six blocks north) and pay five cents to hop in a tub of hot water that progressively got cooler and less fresh and the day went on and number of bathers increased.

Our Inn is Not For Everyone…

We are lovingly restoring it bit by bit, but there are 14,000 square feet of finicky plumbing and creaky old growth timbers, so sometimes the drains will empty slowly, the water pressure will have a mind of its own, and the old steam heaters will clank and knock. Truthfully we never know what is going to break next, but we love it anyway.

Most of the rooms in the lodge are suites, and are named rather than numbered. Although each room does have a TV and DVD player, they are old-fashioned, providing lots of books to read for your convenience.